What gasket for 94mm big bore?

I tore down my engine today in my YZ400f after finding gobs of metal in the oil filter and found the issue was from the cam chain tentioner was messed up and caused the cam chain to rub.

Well, now I need to put it all back togeather and messured the bore of the cylinder and it came out to 93.7mm (guessing its a 94mm big bore since I got the bike this way) and now need to find the gasket for this.

I found a 94mm top end gasket kit but will that kit come with the gasket above and below the cylinder? Casue I cant find a complete kit for 94mm.


Edited by Tyson Wall

A 426 head gasket should fit, and accommodates a 95 mm bore. I see no reason that won't do the job for you.

The base gasket is just the same as the OEM 400.

I agree with greyracer, but that 94mm top end kit would be the gaskets you are looking for.

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