Calling Scott F - Electric Bike Man

Scott, As MXTuner & I were rebuilding front forks last night, I saw a copy of Cycle News from June/July 01. In it contained article on the Electric Bike that you built. Scott, what a concept. The article was very interesting & thought provoking. What ever happened to this concept Bike? Have any of the manufacturers had any interest in this one-off technology? Do you think that there may be a future for this???? Kudos to you for building a really cool, concept.

Thanks. I haven't had much response, but those who do comment think it's neat. The manufacturers and investors haven't been knocking my door down. I don't know what the future may bring, but it does have potential.

I am currently redesigning the drive system on it. The previous jackshaft and sprockets were too weak and got wasted. The new stuff will work great. After that's done, I will sandblast and paint the frame, and reassemble it. Then I will have something to ride until the new 250F arrives.

I'm looking forward to riding again, now that my Achilles is recovering well.


Is this that electric motocross bike?

Or something else?

Would like to check this out. Any links?


ScottF, maybe Lithium Ions or some new high tech battery offerings would be the key on longer power delivery. Doesn't NASA have something that would work? At 285lbs, how does the suspension act? I guess some real aggressive valving is in order.......w/bottoming cones!

Yeah Dave, it's about my EMX bike. No links, but Cycle News did a big two page article on it in issue #28. If you like, maybe I can post a picture or two of it here, or I can email jpegs to anyone interested.

Scott F, how long does the power last before you have to recharge the system? Also, is weight a factor -- meaning, does it weigh more or less than a combustion chambered bike??

Ga, you hit on the two biggest questions I get. With the current batteries I get a few strong laps before I notice a loss of power. It recharges in about an hour. I decided performance was more important than runtime, and it goes pretty good.

It weighs about 285. It isn't that bad because the batteries are as low as possible, giving a low CG.

I'm sure NASA, the military, EV companies and other high tech industries have superior batteries. I'm hoping my friend who lurks here can hook me up with his family's military battery company. The big problem with such batteries are lack of availability (vaporware), high prices, and rechargeability.

For what little track time that I have on this bike, the suspension and handling worked surprisingly well. Upgrades are anticipated when I get more time on it. Bottoming cones should be here this week.

Hey, posting a picture would be great! How would I go about ordering a back issue of cycle news? Does this bike have a transmission?

Check for back issues.

It's a single speed right now. I might try a two speed in the future.

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