Question about changing a tire

So I popped a tube on my last trip, when I got home I bought the replacement and the spoons to help change it. Took a while and I got the tube in and inflated. I'm not sure if it's just me but it seems like its bumpier than it was before on the road? Like the handle bar vibrates up and down a bit . Any way to check if it's on right or what should I do? I took it for a half hour drive and it's seated in the rim good

Only thing might be if you have a twist or something in the tube (not likely), and difference in air pressure could do it. But I bet it is just you "looking" for things. I do it all the time, I change/repair something and then I am hyper aware of everything and seem to think something is different when really I just never paid close enough attention to it before.

The tire may be offset from the rim. Try deflating the tube, bouncing the tire on the ground all the way around and reinflating the tube. You should be able to visually see if the bead is farther down in the rim in some places than others if the tire is not centered on the rim.

Over inflated?

I think it's 25 psi, I might just be looking for things like said above. Might try to deflate and pump it up again...

25 psi seems high to me. Try 15 psi.

Ok, and I don't think it's twisted because there would be a large bump right?

Yeah I think if it were twisted you visibly see something. And more than likely would have flated it out ridding. Let the air out and put it back to 15psi and give it a go!

What tire are you running?

it could just be out of balance. try pulling the valve core, putting wd40 or soapy water along the bead, work it in with the spoons, then inflate back up to 35psi and go for a ride.

not seated evenly on the rim

I think it's a Dunlop 7xx something tire. It looks seated perfectly around the edges to me

I checked it again by rolling the bike forward and there is in fact one part of the tire that sticks out a bit ... What to do next?

So, it's not seated on the rim properly?

Like not sticking out side to side. It's almost like there's a little bump .

Ok do I got it seated perfectly except for in one place. Right where the rim lock is there is a tiny bulge that is there, how do I get rid of this?

I rode it and the bumpiness went away but I want it to be perfect

My rim lock is tight, people are saying to loosen the nut all the way. When it is pushed up wouldn't that just make the rim lock push the tube against the top of the tire? Really confused

Loosen it, air down the tube, then smack the rimlock out with a hammer

Out as in just the tip is sticking out? I just don't understand how the lock works. Once I hammer it in then I inflate it fully and lock it after?


Turns out my rim lock was on the wrong side of the sidewall... So I paid someone to figure that out *bangshead*

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