Question about changing a tire


Never done it before but now I know

Never done it before but now I know

Well done Stealth, that's how you learn. We've all been in your shoes at one time or another.

Well done Stealth, that's how you learn. We've all been in your shoes at one time or another.

Haha thanks, never had to change a tire on my previous bikes...

Back to the failures... I was changing a tube on my rear tire and it seemed to be going ok then, we were at the last part. The tire should be circular but always ends up going straight across the rim and very hard to pull it in. My dad pulled on it so hard it ripped open the bead and the Tires a write off.... Any suggestions how to do this better?

Also for the rim lock what's the best way to seat the sidewalls under the rim lock? We pushed the rim lock in , then pushed the tire in and released it?

You need to push the bead from the opposite side as deep into the rim well as you can and pinch the beads together as best as you can. Also lube the bead as you are doing it, either soap or I like to use the Honda bike cleaner stuff as it cleans the tire and rim as you wipe it off.

Leave the rimlock loose but with the nut holding it in place still and just push it into the tire as far as it will go. The farther you can get it from the bead and rim edge, the better. Also don't wrench it down until the very end.

Do some YouTube searches on how to change your own tire. There are specific orders stuff needs to happen and it'll be easy.



Good tire changing vids on YouTube.

show pic of tire.. might be ok.

lots of lube and youtube is your friend

Baby powder works really well for a tire lube too. Not nearly as messy as a liquid.

I use liquid dish soap or WD40. the WD40 is easiest.. it dries off and doesn't make the tire slip on the wheel at all, helps cleanup too.. acts as a solvent.

trick is to use 3 big big irons.. when getting the tire on, make sure that the bead of the tire is fully pushed into the wheel so that it can help the other side come in (free slack)

I trimmed the lips on my irons so that I don't pinch the tubes. make sure you file them down smooth after trimming. If you are forcing it enough to rip the sidewall, you are doing it wrong.

I can change Maxxis Desert IT's on the run with two 6" spoons and a 6" crescent wrench (carry a small bottle of dish soap). I use a $10 slime 12v compressor from walmart to fill up afterward.

this time was up in Kamloops, BC


It for sure ripped the bead, I was pulling on it pretty hard and it wouldn't move at all, got my dad to yank on it and it broke the bead. Had to get a new tire and tube so I just got the dealer to install it while I was there . Rode the desert it for 2 full days and it seems good.

Friend has a d606 Brand new and is complaining mine climbs the rocks better

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