Calling Scott F.

Hi Scott,

Some time ago you sent me a piece of material for a cb-key. After a long hard ride in some sand, I'm beginning to hear some "noise" in the engine again. I still have plenty of stock to make a new keyway, but I was wondering if you had ever needed to replace your keyway again? I'm thinking it could be time to replace my piston as the sound I'm hearing is much more subtle. Thanks for all your help!


Glen, I sold that bike right after the fix, so I don't know the longevity of it. I would expect it to be semi-permanent, since I made mine longer and tighter than stock. Unless the alloy was significantly softer, it should still be good. OTOH, I hope it is the key and not a more serious problem.

Hi Scott,

I don't think it is anything serious. Maybe just my imagination too. It's definitely not a broken gear like so many have had. I made my key as long and tight as possible too. I bought a couple of yamaha replacements as well. I was able to make your stock fit much better than a new original part. :-) Thanks for the info.


Right on.

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