YZ 426 clutch issue

So I bought a Barnett clutch basket and installed it on my bike almost exactly one year ago. I heard a pop while a whirring noise when I landed off a jump the other day, I turned the bike off and started it back up and rode the rest of the day with no issues. So the nest day I took the side cover off and took the clutch plates out then see a hole in the clutch basket... It wore through where the cushion spring sits on the back of the basket. It was on its way on doing the same on the spring right next to it. For those of you that have seen the assembly that Barnett uses they have a sleeve that goes between the clutch basket and the spring that keeps this from happening. Is there something wrong with my springs? I could use some help on what has happened here. I'm at a loss and don't want to keep on buying new baskets and this keeps happening, a year is not long enough in my mind for this type of wear. But maybe i'm wrong? Im calling Barnett tomorrow and finding out what they have to say. I would love any help with this. Thanks

It sounds as if some of the springs may be damaged (bent so that they push out from center as they compress).

That sounds pretty possible, ill check them later. And I assume that there isnt anywhere to buy these springs? I will have to buy a used clutch from ebay and get them? Gray what do you think damaged them? A specific event or did this happen because they are old. The spring have some wear on them. But all of them do, not just the ones that wore through.

Probably just mileage. If you have springs, you probably have an older bike, right? The newer 450's use plastic/rubber inserts in place of the springs. Neither these nor the springs you have are available separately from Yamaha, although I believe Wiseco and Barnett offer the plastic dampers. But that doesn't help you at all.

Either a new or used complete clutch basket and driven gear is the only way I know of to get those replaced.

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