WR450 Starting issue

Hello to everyone from Spain. I have recently purchased a 05 WR450. It starts ok with both kickstar and electricstart, But some times, usually when engine is cold and using too much the kickstart, when playing the kickstart it is harder than normal and sounds like if electricstarter is turning at the same time, and when playing electricstart it turns slower than normal. Is like if kickstart and electricstart mecanisms are hooked some times.

Does anyone know what I am talking? and any solution?

Sorry about my english and thank you very much.



I have been testing some things and: the problem is that some times when I play de kickstart everything turns ok but electricstarter which obviously might not, turns too at the same time. It usually happens when motor is hot. And when motor is hot is much harder to unhook it. I woul be very grateful if someone give me any idea. Regards

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