Yamaha WR426F Rear suspension linkage/height question!

Hi peeps,

Lurker here, mainly the 'What did you do to your WR today thread, always good for inspiration!.

Quick question, after looking at all the pictures of WR's on here, it seems that the rear of my bike looks quite a bit lower.

When i bought the bike it had never been offroad, the previous owner spent a fortune supermoto'ing it with K-Tech lowered forks and a lowered K-tech rear shock and loads of other goodies (STM slipper clutch etc), since i use mine both off and on road i decided to buy a new set of standard forks and a standard rear shock (white in colour) i thought the WR426 shocks are normally silver?

Just wondered if it would have been possible the previous owner changed the rear suspension linkage to lower the bike even further, is there anyway i can tell it has been changed, im offshore at the moment so will be looking at it when i get back home, does anyone know the measurements of the standard linkage?, ebay doesnt show up many secondhand linkages in the UK, any ideas on price of a new one if mine is indeed?

Cheers again


Most aftermarket links are machined .A stock OEM link is casted. I would think the stock link from a 98 to 02 YZ400/426 and 250F would be the same part as your bike also

I don't even know if there was a lowering link for the 426. Kouba seemed to make them for other model years but not the 426's. Now, there may be other manufacturers that did it, but I don't remember any. I'm only 5'9" and I just got used to riding the 426, and looking for places to put my feet down when I stop. Occasionally I provide comic relief when I can't touch, or overbalance and fall over, but 95% of the time, I don't even notice that I can't touch with both feet at the same time.


I got the gutsracing soft foam and it dropped my footises about an inch maybe a inch and a half closer to the ground. Wound up not using the yamalink I bought. Not to mention the soft foam is as soft as a leather couch!

I've posted a similar question about my WR400, mine seems lower than I expect, as my previous bike was a lot taller.

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