3 bike trailer plan

Hi guys,

I'd like to know if any of you have plans for a 3 bike trailer.

I was thinking of 3 U shaped ramps mounted on a frame with a lowered axle. If possible I'd use aluminium.

I already have a trailer but it's too heavy just for hauling the bikes. I could probably build one from scratche, but I'd rather have a proven plan that people are happy with.


Do you have access to Harbor Freight Tools? www.harborfreight.com

They have small folding trailers for about $239 that you can add wheel chocks and plywood to. They make a decent, lightweight trailer.

Saw a guy this weekend. His trailer was the front of a 56 Chevey Pick up frame with 3 C chanels weled on. A forth C chanel was bolted to the cross members with a pair of wing nuted bolts for a ramp. The same bolts were dropped into the lip of the ramp to secure it to the rails for loading unloading.

Other than that, for a cheap, titled trailer, look for beat up pop up trailers. Get em for free if you see em in back yards and ask the owner if they want to get rid of it if you pay the title tranfer fees ect. Clean off the pop up and check the wires, throw on your ply wood deck, tire clamps, C channels or what ever and your off.

Alot of guys love those tire clamps you bolt into your pickup or trailer deck. One man deal, drive your front tire into it, and pull the clamp over the tire and down. It can be locked I think, some tie straps for saftey and your gone.

I use one of the 4x8 Harbor Freight trailers and I really like it. It is super light and I just used plywood and wheel chocks. I fit two bikes on mine no problem, so 3 should be doable..

I use an old Holsclaw trailer....they are not manufactured any longer. You can pick em up cheap ($300) and their light and very durable. You do have to load the middle bike in backwards....I've hauled three on long trips with no problems. :)

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