How much fork oil.?

Ok I have a 99 wr400 , I'm replacing fork seals, but I keep reading the service manual and says fill to outer something ( brain fArt) but can any one simplify what I do as far as how much oil and procedure of getting the air out, first time doing this, any help is good help. Thank you

Standard oil level should be somewhere near 130mm from the top. All you have to do is to pour in too much oil and work the internal cartridge up and down a few times to get most of the air out of it. You will see the oil level lower as you are doing this. After a few strokes, the oil level will stabilize, and then you use a syringe or turkey baster to suck out the excess oil, so that you end up with 130mm air gap at the top of your forks. Re-install the fork springs, and your done.


Ohhhh ok thank you for the help, but so fill it up then pump the rod till air is out,, then suck the excess out? Should it be to the top of the Crome tube

Here's some good vids;

Oil level change pt 1:

Oil level change pt 2:

Looks like ima go buy another set of seals and those tools

Thank y'all for the help. The videos cleared it up and were a big help. Ima order those tools ($67 from RM). Do u think sence I slid the seal past that black bushing that they will leek now? I didn't see any cuts or tears.. Would I be better off just buying new ones

How much fun did you have tearing them apart the first time? Anytime something is questionable and it's a PITA to get to, i say replace it.

Leaking fork seals can be dangerous (though rare) if fluid gets on your rotor and they can be bad without looking bad to the naked eye. They're pretty cheap considering the hassle it takes to get to them.


Ima sell my xr70 an go buy all the RIGHT tools and a new set of seals. And start over from the beginning, I haven't even gotten to the point of putting oil in the first one, so at least I didn't do both of them wrong and put them on, lol

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