Gopro mount doesn't match helmet?

So I bought a New helmet and the curvature of the helmet isn't quite as much as the curved mounts? So the mount looks like it's only gonna hit on the edges and not the middle. Has anyone else experienced this and what can I do to make it work or will it still stick?

Would the flat mount work? My gopro mount fits perfect on the top. You can try mounting it on the side. The angle seems pretty good, but you have to be careful if you fall, since you are more prone to landing on your side then the top of your head.

No the flat mount only hits the very middle, and i would rather try to figure out if I can mount it on the top rather than the side for the very reason of wrecking and hitting it on the ground. My helmet is a one industries atom by the way if anyone has one and has figured something out.

I've found they don't need 100% of their surface touching. Just 50% is enough IMO.

Mount it under your visor, its a much better viewpoint anyway.

Are the mounts plastic? I'm wondering if it'd screw with the adhesive on the bottom of the mount if you took a heat gun and heated it enough to shape it to the top of the helmet.

I had the same concern... My solution was to reinforce the edges of the mount (where they meet the helmet) with a thin bead of epoxy. Then you know for sure that the mount is NEVER coming off. :banghead:

Duct Tape. It fixes anything. :banghead:


I had the same worry with my GoPro mount, but that thing is on there good. The adhesive is gnarly! Plus, there is a foam pad sandwiched in there between the mount and your helmet and it makes up for some of the slop.

Thanks for the replies guys. The further forward I slid the mount the closer it got to matching the helmet so I just adjusted my visor down and pushed pretty hard when applying the mount so that the middle would touch and it looks like it worked but have not ridden with it yet so I guess I'll see if it works next time I ride.

you will hear a tic tic

You won't hear a thing it'll be fine. Be sure to use the little rubber thing though.

I've done it on 3 helmets all of which didn't fit the curve properly. Even my current setup which is a chin mount has less than 30% of the glue touching the helmet. Stays on fine and no weird sounds. That stuff is very strong.

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