Pre 09 wheel conversion solution?

I just got a 09 450 and ran up against the issue of using my 06 YZ250 wheels on the "new to me" ride.

I went ahead and took some measurements and got a local machine shop to make a conversion steel spacer kit for me.

I am using the 06 axle with these spacers running through the axle blocks and swing arm. These spacers get captured between the head of the axle (or nut on other side) and the inner wheel spacer.

Any issues doing this?

BTW, if there is any interest I can get some additional spacers made for others.


Greensboro, NC

I may be interested in the future. There's probably a good market for those if you where to have several made.

The "issue" is basically that the sleeve, or spacer, as you call it, is only 1.5mm thick, so it's easy to damage.

I helped a friend of mine with this problem by taking a pair of '08 axle blocks and boring them to press fit a 25mm sleeve into it. The sleeve extends through the block and 90% of the swing arm width, so the axle is supported in the normal manner. Her uses his '09 wheels with the '09 blocks and axle, and his '07 wheels with the custom blocks and the old axle.

get a new hub for the wheel to accomodate the 09 axle

Hey, there's a good solution. That way, he can spend 6 or 7 hours trying to get his used rim and spoke set to lace up straight, and it will only cost him $250 or so to use his old wheel. :banghead:

I got the impression that he was looking for something simpler and less expensive.

Thanks guys. Yep, quick, but effective solution is what I wanted. This way, i can swap the wheel set back and forth to the 06 YZ250. If you got em, smoke em!

The 1.5mm thickness is no worries, It gets sandwiched between the axle and the swing arm slots, and it is tight over the axle.. I just wanted the sleeve to be the right length to pickup the steel inside linner to the swing arm.

Done deal!

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