Clarke 4.3 Natural

I am thinking about ordering the Clarke 4.3 gas tank in the natural color. Does anyone have any pics of this tank on the BRP? Do you have links to photos of this tank on the BRP? I would like to see what it looks like before ordering one.

Also, is this tank cosidered the "Desert tank"or is this another tank altogether?

Thanks in advance :)


Thats the tank you want. Fits perfect, looks better! :)

i'd stay away from the natural colored tanks. when they are new they are the same shade as a condom and after they have been on your bike for awhile they start to turn a piss-colored yellow. i'm not one to get hung up on the way my bike looks but when it comes to having a gas tank that either looks like a rubber or like a bed pan i have to draw the line.

get the white dez tank from ims. fits great and you can still see the outline of the fuel from the outside.

does anyone have the latest scoop on the best prices for Clark Tanks?

I am very happy with the 4.3 "Natural" is a pic.

BWB63...give Rob a call at Westy Motorsports (623-773-0880), and tell him Mitch sent you. He'll hook you up...


Bruce i ordered mine from clarke $165+$10 shipping no tax.

It took 3 days to get it UPS.

I spoke with Monica at (503) 829-2156…

that was back in january.

let me talk to my neighbor TMA he has a red 4.3 he orderd the same time i did but took it off for racing he might make you a deal on it

jeff :)

:) That's sounding great! Now, you got my hopes up. :D

Thanks for all the information on this subject! I like the looks of MMXR650R's bike, but think I will go with the red colored Clarke tank. Secretatlas's take of the natural color is pretty descriptive, all I see now is a rubber or a bedpan instead of a tank!

Thanks again for the info and pic. :)


let me talk to my neighbor TMA he has a red 4.3 he orderd the same time i did but took it off for racing he might make you a deal on it

jeff :)

I would like a deal!

i sent a pm to you this morning :)

Not my fault I can't figure out what a flashing envalope means. :) I am learning though. All those years in spiecal ed is paying off :D

:D :D :D :D :D

see ya next week

jeff :)

I called Westy Motorsports @ (623)773-0880 and the CLARK 4.3 Natural was $149 + $10 shipping. Not bad, but, they had to order it and wouldn't get it till next Thursday and then they would ship it to me. I guess I waited to long. Real good deal. Clark is only open till 3pm PST. So, I will call them ealy Monday morning.

The story starts off with me going deer hunting this morning. Then when I get home I have a Red Clarke 4.3 that my Wife picked up from Gary. He met her half way and sold it to me for $125. :thumbsup:What a great group that you can meet such great people! :D Thanks Gary! :)

I got the 4.3 Clark installed and went out of a long ride in Yucca to find some new trails for the Piglet Fest. My small member had some company that wasn't there before with the seat bent back. I repulled the seat cover to get the wrinkle out that comes form the seat being bent back tords you. I put 5 gallons of fuel in a empty 4.3 gallon tank :) . I was chasing Mr. Lewis around and he went up a black granite wall and stalled right at the top with me right behind him. I hit his rear tire and jumped off holding the bike from a fall. That's when I noticed the radiator was throwing fluid form the top somewhere. It turns out that the tank pushes against the small cross over tube on the right side where the end of the nipple is. It pushes hard enough to make the nipple cut the tube. :D We had water and made the long treck back with only one refill. Being that it's at the top if you go fast enough to keep air moving you don't lose much. I bent the hose nipple in some and used high pressure air line for the tube that Mr. Lewis had at his pad. I used about a little more then a third of a tank and Mr. Lewis' stock tank was running real low, almost reserve. The tank pushes your knees out some but not to bad. I could feal the extra weight in the big whoops on a full tank. way better then my XR6 was with it's dessert tank.

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