will ims dry break female from a 650 tank fit 450?

before i call ims, does anyone know if i can take the female off the dry break tank on my 650 and put it in a dry break ready tank for a crf 450?

are the females universal?

please say yes.


I've only seen 2 styles of dry brake - One has a bunch of screws, maybe 12, that screw into nuts in the tank. Regardless of who makes the drybrake they all fit the same.

The other style has 6 bolts that have a plate on the backside (in the tank). This plated kind are pretty rare so I doubt you have that.


mine has 12 screws but it's a mute point now. i'm gonna wait another year for a crf.

thanks for the reply.

i'm gonna wait another year for a crf.

I wonder how many of us will get a CRF450X within a year :)

The first thing mine gets is a z-Start :D

Will the new crf450x be able to haul hass wide open for miles and miles without losing oil? :)

i think so.

henge and campbell are spending a lot of time racing the crf in socal. they raced it at the 24 hours of glen helen and now henge is almost always on the bike for district 37 stuff. they must be testing engine configs for an offroad version. not sure about 05. fingers crossed.

I hope so, but I doubt the CRF450X will be as bullet proof as the XR650R and maintenance will likely be increased.

There is something to be said for being able to put them away wet! The 650 that is! :)

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