xr650r high end cutting out, rev limiter? bad jetting?

I'm working on jetting my bike. It's an 07 650r. I've spent about 10 hours now playing with jets from size 168 to 175. I think the best I've found so far is the 172 on 4th position from top on the jet needle. My problem or so it seems is that when I full throttle it in first gear whether I crack it open or roll on it it runs great. After about 30 yards it cuts out and feels like it wants to die. Then I let off the throttle and get back fires. Is this the rev limiter I'm experiencing? I have no gauges or tach so I can only base my opinion on feel. It just seems like it's not revving up very far to be experiencing red line or the limiter. Anyways my elevation is at sea level and the temp here is averaging about 75-80. I just uncorked using a billet cheapo tip, new intake manifold, removed air box snorkel ,b53e needle set, and jetting.

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If your sure the jets are clean and sounds like you have gone big enough that leads to hitting the rev limiter. you might be having a similar experience as I. I came from a 600r were the power fell off before you hit the limiter. were as the 650r will make power all the way to the limiter. esp in the lower gears its pretty easy to hit it, and like i said since the power doesn't really fall off its not hard to hit it. thats my guess. Only other thing i can think of maybe cdi going bad?

yea thats def. the rev limiter. Take it easy on that beast its not a smoker!

Lol OK funny it makes loads of power right until the limiter

ive found that jettig changes should not be made instantly

but Im not an expert

from experience though especially with the pilot and figuring out starting wise and good idle etc...you need to let the bike settle into its new jetting before abruptly changing

that and stick with one change at a time

I havent hit a rev limiter in my xr600r, Id hate to see what that feels like though, jajaja


It definitely doesn't feel like any review limiter I've ever experienced on any other bike. It literally feels like it's choking or stumbling very hard in higher rpm

you know i never hit the limiter either on my 600r but that was because reving it that hi was useless. it didnt make any power up there. but yea the 650r is a totaly diff. animal. with that said its prob. not the end of the world when you do hit it on occasion. just watch a supercross race those guys hit the limiter on every jump. now granted they rebuild the bikes every week. but they never blow up on the track. even after pretty nasty crashes.

I'm only rapping it out for jetting purposes. I I have no intention on riding like this normally

took it out this past weekend and its definitely not a limiter, it was choking and sputtering in the higher rpm... wouldnt go past 70mph. I need to check the valves and reassess...

you are to rich stock header or not the right amount of air did you take the knock outs out? try 150 main

you are to rich stock header or not the right amount of air did you take the knock outs out? try 150 main

is this for the xr650r or the "L"?

Does the bike have the correct uncorked intake manifold rubber on it?You can take the center restriction part out of the baffle on the stock muffler with a hole saw and that works well .check the float level and the screen on the gas tank petcock.I am running the stock carb on my xrr with a 178 main but i have xr's only airbox vents,opened up baffle on stock muffler,hot cam #1,early xr400 honda cdi box.The xr400 cdi box gives another 1000 rpm before the limiter hits.

It's all stock minus full uncorking. Carb manifold, removd airbox snorkel, exhaust tip, uni filter.

check your stator and ground wire.

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Jesu,,,Just change gear for heavens sake,,,.Funny vid,,was wondering what that was in the first bit..then I realised it was your leg and pants..

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