What makes throttles so snappy?

I was wondering what makes them so snappy on newer bikes? Specifically the throttle tube. Is it lubed? Is it super smooth? Dry? I tried lubing my tube a while ago but since the oil was so heavy it wasn't as quick as I would have liked. Just painted the handlebars and wondering what's the best way to handle this?

Probably lack of girt/grime. If you remove the throttle tube from the bars and clean/lube it every now and then it keeps it working smooth.

Buy an aluminum throttle tube that has a bearing at the end if you want a super smooth throttle.

Lube your cables. I even find that brand new cables benefit from cable lube.

I have a billet throttle tube I just installed and it feels super smooth w/ a good snap. I always use graphite under any throttle tube, clean it on a reg basis, as well as clean the throttle cable with cable lube /cleaner. I also like to leave some play in my throttle and that seems to give it a more snappy feeling...

Remove the paint under the thottle - Polish the bar where the throttle tube slides on.

No lube between the throttle tube and the bar or in the throttle housing.

New throttle cables. I never lube them as it attracks dirt. Be sure they are routed 'in a comfortable' manner, no sharp bends.

On two strokes they have a spring right above the needle in the carburetor. And then the cable and throttle tube. So not much going on in the carburetor.

On four-strokes they have a little linkage type setup with a wheel and such on the right side of the carburetor and on my bike it's not well sealed. Dirt can accumulate in there and cause it to get grimy and gritty.

On both bikes the cables to eventually need replacing. And they make a BIG difference, if your current ones are getting a bit worn.

Throttle tubes (if not aluminum) and even handlebars, yes handlebars will wear out. I've had the same set of bars on two bikes with at least 200 hours, I'm estimating 250 hours though. There is a noticeable offset groove where the throttle tube goes. Now that doesn't make much of a difference other than causing some play in the throttle tube.

Now for throttle tubes they definitely wear out. I've gone through several because they crack often with me. I've been experiencing them wearing down and getting rough and scratchy on the inside.

I think new cables and an aluminum throttle tube would be a good investment. Tusk makes one for $30 :banghead:

Some dang good advice here! Thanks guys! Love the graphite idea!

just as a word of caution the aluminum tubes can bend during a crash and pinch. I have no personal experience as i just run plastic tubes and replace with my grips, but just something to think about.

Lube your cables. I even find that brand new cables benefit from cable lube.

+1 lubing it always seems to work the best and clean out the housing if there is dirt and grime.

Limp right wrist...

Limp right wrist...

strong left hand................

Grease or oil ?

Grease or oil ?

I clean the bar, and if necessary take some 220 grit sand paper and lightly sand it smooth, then apply a very thin film of waterproof grease.

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