How do you fix a HeadPipe ding???????

Has anyone had this happen yet? The headpipes are a thicker metal than standard 2-stroke pipes - so I am not sure that standard pipe repair will work. Mine is a Procircuit T4 system. Last race, lots of rocks - one of which that put a nice size ding right in the curved section several inches from the Cylinder. Is it possible to repair? or just deal with it or replace??? Thanks for the help.

do a search for a thread titled "fixing a bent header". It may have the info you're looking for.


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Yeah I know how you feel (I creased mine BIG time)!! Here is the direct link to the page to fix your header If you have any questions let me know. The process was just have to find someone who has a oxyacetylene torch that you can use!



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Motoman393's MX Site

thanks Dirtdad, looks like the process is pretty simple

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