PMB Insert

Does anyone have one that they want to get rid of? If so how much. I am interested.

Don't you have a GYT-R? I'll trade if you don't want it... (I have a PMB)

The gyt-r keeps stripping and falling out. I was hoping the PMB wouldnt? :)

Is the screw stipped or the threads on the insert? If it's the screw, no biggie, get a new one. If it's the threads, biggie. Can it be tapped again?

Either way, PMB has a nice tight fit and I've had no problems with the screw. Tightens down nicely and stays put.

Word on the street is that the GYT-R allows more flow than the PMB, anyone know if there is any truth to that? I've been looking to get rid of the PMB to get a GYT-R.

I thought that I read the other way around thats why i was trying to get the PMB. I wonder ehich is true?

I had a GYRT and sold it to get the PMB. I measured them both and the overall cross sections are essentially the same and the sound is as well. For me, the PMB seems to work better.

I getting the dubach one and will let ya know how it is when i test it out

I usually ride with the insert un-inserted and sitting on my tool bench. I use it only when I need to. I don't think I'll be satisfied no matter what insert is in there; they all suck horsepower.

What I am really interested in is seeing how the stock pipe with an insert compares to something like the FMF Q.

I guess it really doesn't matter though. I can't afford the dang Q or any of the others. So I'll just stick with my crappy $25, horsepower sucking insert.

That's a good question. Does anyone know how the FMF q compares with stock pipe + GYT insert?

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