Saddleback MX Park Temp. closed

Just received an e-mail regarding the temporary closure of the (JUST opened 9-1-01)Saddleback MX Park in Orange County, Ca.. The e-mail indicated that the local residents complained that after four days of being open, there was too much impact on the area. The owners are appealing the decision. Additional info can be found at

The tracks first few days were very sucessful (about 600 riders per day) and the people running it have high hopes of continued success. There was only one rider during the first four days who had to be removed from the facility due to unruly behavior.

My personal opinion is that the rich folks that live in the area have too much money and no common sense. They probably think dirtbikers are some outlaw motorcycle gang.

Sorry to hear about even a temp. closing of a track. If it's anything like the other tracks out there, wow. Having just come back from california to this hole pennsyslvania, I can say you got got it good! 15-20 dollar entry uncle and cousins told us how much the tracks were to get in....thinking that was alot. I told them, 15-20?! WOW, it's 30 here! They thought i meant a race...nope, 30 to practice. Not only that, but the tracks out there are goreous. Here, they are garbage, I never realized how bad the tracks are here until after we got back from California. Elsinore, (even on it's raunchy weekend I was told), Comp PArk, and Glen Helen were all most excellent tracks. If Saddleback is anything like them, congratulations. :)

Hope this thing clears up for you all...but usally once this happens, it's tough to stop, unless everyone works at it. Good Luck!


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