Will 2006 yz450 graphics fit an 07 wr450?

Man, I have spent the last half hour trying to answer question? Can anyone help? I have an 07 wr450 and would like to put yz graphics on it. I have replacement plastic kit from acerbis for the wr.



I still haven't found the answer. In pictures, I can see some very small differences. But, they look so similiar, it's hard to know for sure. I just don't want to spend the money for the yz graphics and be sorry.



should work so long as you use earlier generation aluminium framed YZ graphics. Only issue you might run into is the tank graphic because generally WR's run a larger tank.

Thanks RS,

I appreciate you help.


but why not just order a WR specific kit.. then you know it'll work.

Good question,

I have a new acerbis wr450 plastic kit in white. So, I need white graphics. Or, rather, red white and black graphics. One industries makes a kit but, it's for the yz. So, that's the only reason is to get the color I would like.

I put YZ graphics on my 07 450. The front and rear fender graphics fit fine. The rad shroud graphics are a bit different, but I stretched them with a heat gun and trimmed a bit with a knife. I didn't install the side cover decals. I just installed a spare set of plastic that I had for my 07, onto my 2012. You can see the shroud graphics look OK.


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