Woe is me.......

After having my 98 WR 400 since late 99, and NEVER having any problems with it, it finally died today...in a BIG way. I was riding about 40 mph and noticed a slight churring sound (or something close to it), then a SNAP and then nothing. The motor went dead and the tire locked up. I shifted to neutral, the bike rolls, but the motor is seized. After beginning to tear down the bike to see what I could see, I found (just below the carb and behind the cylinder, where the cavity is that looks like it was made for a starter) two pieces of the case just sitting there, right next to the hole they used to cover. So, I'm not sure what it was that busted yet, but it's definitely in the lower end, behind the cylinder. I'm guessing maybe the primary drive? I have't seen the inside of one of these yet, so I'm just guessing. Anyone have any inputs?

Also, what kind of cost is associated with a complete engine rebuild (cases included)?

Thanks, and have fun next weekend in Ocala Forest...that's where I was riding! :)

Dude that sucks, plus it looks like some of them are trying ot bail already to go ride Hardrock because it happens to be on the same weekend.

Well, I uncovered the problem this morning. My worst fears came to be....the piston rod severed, jammed itself into the back side of the cylinder wall (at the bottom of the stroke), and thats what broke the case. I can see a gear through the bore, not sure if it's the tranny or the primary drive gear, but it looks to have a divot on many teeth right in the middle.

I'm kinda at a decision point. Do I spend the money and rebuild this motor (from the ground up), or do I part it out and buy another one? Tough call...anyone know what kinda price (parts alone) this rebuild may cost?

Of all my years in dirt bikes, this is the first engine trouble I've had. Guess I was pretty lucky. :)

sounds like a perfect excuse to get a 450. Unless you are really attached to that exact bike I think I would look for some other options the new bikes have really advanced since 98. Good luck with what ever you choose.

yeah, I've thought a lot about that. As it turns out, there was a reason my bike had so much power. It had a Thumper Racing 420cc kit in it. I had bought it used, and the dealership didn't know (or didn't tell me) about that. Anyway, maybe that's why it threw a rod??

The price of the new bikes is what's keeping me from getting one right now. I'm still looking at it, though.

It may be time to part it out on Ebay.

The cost of fixing a grenaded motor can be more than the bike is worth.

Thanks for the info! I checked out the motor, though, and they didn't advertise it, but if you look closely at the motor there's no stator wiring. I wasn't sure if I could trust that it was a "good motor" when they were hiding that bit of info....who knows what else they're hiding.

Anyway, I ran across a 98 YZ 400F in excellent shape with some aftermarket goodies, and a new back tire (of my choice) for about 2400. I couldn't pass it up. Now I've got extra parts from my WR that I can use on this bike. Sometimes, things just work out.


If you zoomed in on the picture you could see the pigtail for the stator. Unfortunately I was high bidder until the last minute! Shame on me for not babysitting the bid while I was at work :D Is that my boss I hear coming :)

It went for $207.50. Assuming it was a "real deal" somebody made out with some good spare parts CHEAP!!!

I called the sellers and they told me (after I had asked) that the stator had been removed, along with the cam chain. I think you did well to not have won. Sounded like a shady deal.

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