Piston cooling jet on 03-06 wr450 worth it?

Hey fellas,

I haven't really ever posted much on here, just used the site for research in the past. Anyways, I'm curious if any of you have installed the piston cooling jet clutch cover form the 07+ wr's and 06+ yz's on your 03-06 wr. I going to be picking up an 04 wr450 for supermoto and wanted to know if this mod will improve the reliability of the bike or not (even though the wr is already really reliable for an mx). Is it worth the hassle?

I couldn't find too much on here about installing the piston cooling jet or feedback from those that had.

Let me know your thoughts

I'm going to be doing the oil system upgrade (07 YFZ450 quad) on my build. I'll be posting the how to/results in my thread. Thing about these bikes, is the oil system wasn't designed for smooth surfaces, they were designed to be thrown sideways over jumps, rode hard into a berm, i.e. off road hard riding.... which all that movement causes the oil to be thrown around to lubricate that connecting rod/wrist pin... so... with the motor being used on a smooth surfaces.. leaves a LOT to be desired for the oiling. Heck.. what's the #1 failure on these motors.. it's never the top end, it's usually either;

A: seized crank, or

B: thrown rod (usually due to seized connecting link)

So it really depends.. do you want that piece of mind on the street, or not.

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