Dual sporting off road bikes in Alberta, Canada?

Dose anyone out there have any experience or info regarding the process and potential costs involved in dual sporting a WR 400 or DRZ 400E in Alberta? I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone I've talked to. The thought of buying a wussed out "dual sport" bike just bugs me, I want the best of both worlds!

Thanks in advance,


Straight answers? What exactly do you want to know? I built my own dual sport kit for a WR400 in Alberta. I am well versed on the Alberta Highway Traffic Act in regards to motorcycle equipment regulations so I can comment specifically in this regard too.


Fershy! My saviour!

OK, I need to know the procedure. I plan on buying a DRZ 400E (I know, that's blasphemy on this side of Thumpertalk) and installing a Baja Designs kit.

The dealer told me that if I just go and try to register it the serial number will come up as an off road only vehicle and they will not register it.

How do I get the serial number changed? Does the bike need to be inspected? How and where do I get this done? How much does it cost? I was told the plastic tank is a problem, is it? How do I get around it?

What is the best/most knowledgable place in Calgary to go to get this stuff done?

Will they check for DOT approved tires?

If you could give me a basic step by step procedure for registering a "dual-sported" bike I would seriously owe you one.



I had my WR registered as an off-road vehicle (Alberta). I'm not dual-sported in any way, but thought 'what the heck'.

Walked into the registry office, and had them switch it to regular plates - no questions asked!!!

Granted, it doesn't make me legal upon inspection - but the paperwork side couldn't have been easier. Maybe I was just lucky?

Do you remember what insurance/registry dealer you went to? If so let me know and I'll head down there first.



1. The dealer is incorrect if he told you the serial would be flagged as offroad only. The documentation that comes with your bike, (The name of this form escapes right now) most likely does not say "for off-road use only" You could ask your dealer about this reg documentation paper. This was the case for my '99 WR. I had no troubles walking into the registry and designating what type of plate I would like. "Would you like a street of off road plate" the reg lady will ask! CA riders eat your hearts out!

As cueball has mentioned, it is really not a problem to change plates either. As a lark I asked the reg lady about changing the off road plates on my offroad only RM125 to street. Again, no problem.

Alberta does not require an inspection if your bike is brand new or previously registered in Alberta.The legality of your bike will only be called into question if the D-boys have pulled you over. This is where you would be advised to have items such as dual sport tires. Should you run into a D- boy that is well versed on the requirements and he notices you do not have DOT tires it could be well within their realm to call a tow truck. "Hey your tires are not legal on the street, I can not just give you a ticket and send you on your way. This bike with those tires is not road worthy." I am just putting forward an unlikely but plausible scenario.

Plastic gas tank. No provision in the Alberta Traffic Act stating in has to be of one composition or another.

Change serial numbers? Don't even consider it. In fact if you want to test the registery, take the serial number off a bike at the dealership and run it by them. I am sure you shall be pleasantly surprised!

What sort of things does the Act specify in regards to MC'S?

DOT tires,


brake light/ running light

high/low headlight and hi beam indicator

one mirror, horn

signals (only necessary at night)

Hand signals suffice during the day

I recommend having them on your bike though as this visual indicator seems to appease the D-boys.

I hope this answers your questions. Any others, feel free to ask.



Thanks a million, I think I feel pretty conmfortable with it being pretty easy to do. Now I just have to order the kit and do it!


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