Worn Sprocket

I have about 100 hours on my stock sprocket. It is getting really worn what I think is a weird way. Towards the top of the tooth, it is really sharp. It looks like I took a grinder to both sides of the sprocket to make it like a chinese throwing star. I am fairly certain I have been putting the wheel on straight, but this may be an indication I am not.

Any suggestions on what type of new sprocket? I want steel so it will last longer but I do not want to pay though the teeth. Thanks in advance for the assistance.


I would keep it simple and just run an alu. sprocket at rear, simply to keep the bike light. An o-ring chain is a good choice for sprocket longevity also. Just my 2 cents.

Take care!

Just a thought but you might be running your chain alittle loose in combination with out of speck spokes...

Mr T

Benny, Steal sprockets are the way to go unless you are concerned with weight. Steal sprocket are much cheaper than aluminum. I am concerned about weight so I run aluminum I go though about three a year, with a good x-ring. Good point Toyz, make sure your chain is adjusted correctly (check manual)

I would go with Sprocket Specialists they have aluminum or steel and chains too. I prefer the aluminum but that's personal preference. www.sprocketspecialists.com

I preferred the steel sproket, (as matter of fact, I demanded that my local dealer give me the heaviest one :)not only does it cost less, the additional weight on the rear rim can reduce low speed stalling.

I'm running the Sidewinder Ti-Moly rear& chain and tool steel front and just love it! I got tired of adjusting the chain and changing the sprockets all the time. 75 plus hours and NO signs of wear and only 2 adjustments! Clean it, lube it and gas it! Yes they cost a lot, yes they weigh more and YES I'll put up with that not to have to fuss with them. My time is worth more to me than that!

I've used sidewinder myself years ago and they lasted very well. How much did you pay for your full set and where did you get it? Also how much heavier are they than stock? My stock are going to be dead soon and I'm thinking of trying the full sidewinder set on this bike.

I would check your chain guide to see if you might have bent it. Also check your chain tension, make sure you don't over tighten it! On a stand, you should be able to put three fingers between the swingarm and chain just behind the swingarm guard. The wear you are explaining is not normal even with the cheezy stock chain. If your new set starts wearing funny, measure the distance from the center of the swingarm pivot bolt to the center of the rear axle bolt on both sides to make sure they match up. The stamped lines on the swingarms aren't always acurate. Whatever sprockets you go with get a good o-ring chain!

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