YFZ spark


07 yfz, Ran good then all of the sudden stopped having spark. I have went through all of the connections, cleaned with electrical cleaner, all grounds are good, fuses arnt blown, and still no spark. I have another running yfz I tried swapping the cdi box, rectifier, and coil. Other then that my 05 doesnt have the same connections as the on/off switch or the same resistor. Could it be the resistor, stator, how do i go about testing.

Help is needed asap.


im not sure exactly on procedures but you can use an electrical tester to measure ohms and volts and stuff to see if things are working correctly. try doing a search to look on how to test it.

I ended up taking a test light and trying it on 2 of the wires coming from the stator. One of them should have power going through it as I crank it over. Niether had a light nor blinked. Gues its time to start searching for a stator.

thats what i would assume as well...

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