Troy Lee Designs Catalyst X vs. PodMX K300 Knee Braces

I need to make a decision between the TLD Catalyst X and the Pod K300 knee braces. Both of them cost about the same, but I was wondering which you preferred between these two options? What is kind of keeping me away from going with the TLD knee braces is the fact that they are very short, and I think I would prefer a longer brace.

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I have been reading reviews on all of the braces available and have also narrowed down my choices to the Catalyst, PodMX K300 or K700(lighter carbon fibre version) and I am now leaning towards the Catalysts purely because the knee cap is better protection than the Pods. Apart from that I can't find much difference between the two.

So if anyone else can add further input please do....

Haven't ridden with the pods but I tried some on at the dealer. Before trying them on I thought they would be the ones to replace my last couple sets of evs webs, but after putting them on I wasn't convinced they would protect me enough. The knee cap protection wasn't up to what I wanted. I'm sure they work great for lots of people but I'm a bit picky after the last couple knee surgeries. I tried on some ultra cells and think I might try those out.

I have the TLD Catalyst, and they are great!

I originally bought the Asterisk Ultra Cell, but they are really big where they go into the boot. And while the BOA system is cool, one of the plastic straps broke on the 2nd ride, so I returned them. They werent comfortable either.

I hardly notice the TLD Catalyst X's tho!

There are lots of different topics on this if you search. Other people have said their Ultra Cells broke.

My $0.02.

Ive never worn the pods but i have to say that the TLDs are better than asterisk braces. My wife asked why i dont complain about wearing my braces anymore. Simple...i dont even know im wearing them.

Thanks for all the info, from what I have deduced the TLD's have better protection for the knee however the patella cup is too small and the TLD's are quite short in height for a knee brace.

The Pods are great in height and have very good reviews all round for the frame design but the knee cup is flimsy too thin and too far away from the knee (have read reports of it having been popped out a few times in tests even in small crashes).

Isaac & Ronus please could you tell me, if you in your experience if you think the the TLD's are too short for proper knee brace protection? - my concern is I have broken both my legs before and the left leg twice so my knee's are quite shot, also there are no stores where I live which sell any of these braces so I have to do all my research and ordering online, I am most likely going to order the TLD's I just want to know what you guys think about their height with regards to knee brace protection.

Thanks your comments are greatly appreciated.

The 2 most insightful reviews I have found so far are here:

Anybody have any opinions on the height of the TLD's? please see my last comment above.


I dont think they are too short to be honest. Im around '6 tall and the bottom piece of the brace does go in my boot and the top portion is mid upper leg. I never thought once that they are short.

I love em' but I'm only 5'7" so I may not be a ideal candidate to give you an opinion. For what its worth. I have had Asterisk, EVS Web, and tried on the Pod. I think the Pod is a glorified knee cup, the EVS is very burly and saved me from having to have my knee completely rebuilt but I showed my Ortho Doc the TLD brace and he was completely impressed. The Asterisk has too much lateral movement.

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I'm 6'4" and the TLD braces are the exact same length as my old custom cti. The TLD braces are great once you adjust the knee cup to where your knee is which is as simple as removing the inner shin pads and adjusting the velcro. They never move, you don't have to strap them tight at all, and you won't even notice they are there.

Thanks guys that is brilliant news and I will definitely now go for the TLD's.

Thank-you very much for all your input it has been extremely useful.

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