xr650l keeps dying

Im posting this question for my dad who has a 2008 650l, his bike starts fine sometimes then other times it wont start at all. Today he rode up the street from his house to mine and his engine was on FIRE and he didnt even have it running for 5min so do you guys have any suggestions? his valves are spot on, spark plugs good. He's gonna take it to the dealership tomorrow cuz its still under warranty just dont know how they are going to react with the smog stuff takin off any help would be greatfull

thanks for all the help guys looks like all stay in the FRIENDLY DR650 thread


What are you, 12?

I'm a XR650L owner and would love to help but the details on your initial post are too scant and to be honest it's so poorly written I'm not sure what you are talking about...it was "on FIRE" you say? In that case better pack a fire extinguisher and some asbestos clothing because there's not much anyone on the board can do with a burning bike.

Besides, if the bike is still under warranty let the dealership worry about it...

And yes, unless you have a good relationship with the dealer who's willing to look the other way most mods will void the warranty, especially those that may be seen to have an impact on the problem.

Totally agree, It's not that we don't want to help, just that the post was too non specific on what the actual problem is ..You're also either a warranty guy or you're not..

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thanks for all the help guys looks like all stay in the FRIENDLY DR650 thread

Also the only question that you actually asked was "do you guys have any suggestions?"

Would you have been happier with half a dozen "no" responses?

I've found this forum to be very helpful when I've clearly stated the problem I'm trying to solve.

thanks for all the help guys looks like all stay in the FRIENDLY DR650 thread


Some people work for a living,,give us time to respond....or post a response like you just did,,and get ignored,,your choice..

I spend hours here a week helping people,,,but not people with attitude..

Next time just bump the post....

Sorry i wasn`t given the chance to respond..


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