Dirt Bike Smoking

I have a 2008 RMZ250. On start up my bike will star to smoke white when you rev it, but after a while of riding it it stops. It is also sometimes harder to stop. what could be cause it to smoke then stop.

White smoke is usually from the coolant..possibly the head gasket or even condensation in the exhaust..

Blue smoke is usually the piston oil ring

So it isn't anything too bad?

Well if its a head gasket then yes, its not something you should blow over. We don't even know what the problem is..I can't tell without looking at the bike. It could be something simple to something that will damage the engine in the long run

new piston rings and valve guide seals. they need to be replaced regularly. the whole set might cost 75 bucks

Yup..the guide seals will drip when your not riding it and when you first start it up it will burn the oil. Plus, I highly doubt that kit comes with the gaskets you need when changing them

Black(ish) smoke at start up could mean it is too rich before the engine gets fully hot, my bike does it.

Use an exhaust plug especially when u wash it

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