Fork Play

It's great to have a site like this. I've gotten a lot of good ideas from here especially the BK mod.

My question is, has anyone noticed any back and forth play in the forks at the junction between upper and lower 1/2s? Bike is '00 426 with relatively low hours. Thanks for any help!

Are you using the hold the front brake and rock it method to find the play? If so then you will want to be sure to put the bike on a stand, grab the forks and wiggle them directly with your hands. Otherwise the floating front disk can make it appear that there is play in the forks. I didn't realize that there was so much play in the rotor myself and thought that I had a fork problem the first time that I held the brake and rocked the bike.

Are you sure it's not steering head play? The only thing that would cause the fork tubes have some play is severely worn bushings.

It's the bushings. Steering head is ok. Just think it's unusual for excessive wear for such low hours.

I noticed it first by applying the front brake and compressing the forks, I them grabbed the lower legs to check and noticed the movement. I was just wondering if anyone else has checked this and found play. The bike has about 20 hours on it. Thanks for your help.

I noticed some free play in the fork legs ('00 426) when I removed them a few weeks ago, especially in the left leg. When I brought them to RG3, I mentioned this, and they said that a small amount of play is normal in those forks. The bushings didn't need to be replaced.


Holeshot's Page

I've run into the same issue. Even with new bushings, you'll have some play. Getting it to a much tighter clearance can make the forks bind.


MX Tuner

My 01 bike has some play right off the show room floor. Must be normal.

Thanks everyone for all your feedback. That's what makes this site great. I too went to the dealer and was told a small bit af play was normal. I also checked a few used bikes and a couple of new ones, all had a small amount of play. This bike has been great and problem free. Looking forward to enjoying it for quite a while.

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