Where can I find a used 2005 WR450 bottom end?

Not familiar with these forums too much, but I'm looking for a god used bottom end for my bike.

did you break a case? or seize a crank? If you broke the case, then I'd say search out a new bottom end or cases. But, if you just seized the crank then throw a new crank kit/bearings into the existing bottom end and call it a day. I searched for a long time trying to find a good bottom end for my 04, I ended up settling for a 06 motor with a seized connecting rod which actually had less damage/missing parts than the engine which came with the bike.

Other than that, I'd look on Ebay. Be advised, even with a "pulled from a good running engine" add probably has some sort of damage that is probably hidden. Also, don't believe any claims about "low milage" because as we all know, to reset the odo is a very easy task.

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