DR-Z 125L 2003 cuts out when warm

My wifes DRZ125L cuts out when warm. But will start straight again 1st kick. It is as though someone just pushes the kill switch. I originally thought it had something to do with the slow speed my wife rides it. But i rode it the other day pretty hard and after about 5 mins, it just cut out. it normally happens every 5 mins or so, any help would be appreciated.



I am no expert but it sounds like your valve adjustment may be off. If you take apart the engine check the valves to be sure.

And possibly check your coil....coils fail when hot....so its possible the coil is cutting out at running temps....just a thought

hey this might sound like it cant happen but your gas cap might be bad. next time it just shuts off take the cap off and if your hear a noise like its sucking in air then you need to replace the cap. same thing happened to me. i thought the bike was blown up or something. but i went and checked for gas and i heard that so i threw on another cap from my dads bike and its never done it again.

Good point 03drz.....usually that mmeans the vent is plugged. Great idea!

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