Basic MX suspension setup tips

I'm very new to dirt bikes and was after some advice on suspension setup please.

I'm guilty of not setting up my sag yet, but my question is, when I've flat landed a jump or landed on the face of another, sometimes it's bouncing back up and causing the bike to lift up and unsettle even come off the ground a little if it was a hard landing.

This was on a hard packed track too.

Is this because of my riding or something to do with the bikes setup? Or maybe a little of both even?

Any thoughts or tips would be much appreciated.

Ps. Forgot to add that the bike is an '04 CR250 and all I know about the suspension is that the compression on the forks is to the manuals spec and I haven't checked anything else as yet. Also the bloke I bought it off told me it had a CRF450 shock in it too. Which I believe is a little heavier on the spring.


Thanks mate, I thought as much. Thought I'd see what the people said though. I'll have a play next time I'm out.

It's hard getting my head around all the new stuff coming from road to dirt, like different boots not sitting down etc etc.

Thanks for the link too I'll have a read over it.

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