FCR MX throttle cables on XR650L

I have recently purchased a used 40mm FCR MX on ebay to install on a 2002 xr650l. It installs fine using a NOSS airboot adapter and despite the questionable condition that the carb came in, after a bit of cleaning up, rejetting, and replacing seals I believe it will work well. The push-pull throttle cables also install easily, but the barrel adjusters are at the end of their range. I am wondering what experiences others have with using the stock xr650l cables. Are they slightly too long for this application, or maybe mine have just stretched from 11k+ miles of use?

Xrl cables work fine. I am using my stock cables with my FCR.

Maybe some new cables will fit a little better, I'll give that a try when I get the chance.

You have adjustment available at both ends of the cable. On the carb and at the bars. Have you adjusted the cable at the carb?

I just use the pull cable on mine but its at the end of its adjustment like yours.

Great! Thanks for the answers, I had no idea that there were a second set of adjusters at the bar end of the cables.

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