Baja Designs Needs to Borrow a 2012 WR450F for R&D

Anybody in the local area of North County or Temecula area have a 2012 WR450F that we can borrow for at least a week? We are trying to see if the new Fuel Injected System is compatible with our Dual Sport kit? If you're willing to let us borrow your bike please call 760-560-2252 Ext 122 ask for Diego.

I hope someone steps up with a bike. I'm very curious as to how well your dual sport kit adapts to the new WR as well. I have my '07 set up with an HID and I love it. The only real drawback is the increased weigh associated with the light and ballasts but I think that the LED is probably much lighter and compact. Any plans for some LED lighting for the new WR? I think one of your Squadron LED's would look a lot better than the ugly stock light on the '12. Any idea as to stator mods (ground float, re-wind), regulator/rectifier that will be needed? I think a lot of us here would like to here what kind of goodies you have in store for the new WR. Thanks for supporting TT and let us know what you find.

Hey BajaDesigns,

Do you know if the '12 stator and flywheel/starter clutch will bolt into an '07-'11 motor? This is for a Formula SAE EFI application, so the flywheel with 12-1 tooth pattern and 3-phase charging system would be nice. All of the parts number-based research I've done so far leads me to believe that the retrofit would work.

Unfortunately the '12 stator and flywheel/starter clutch will not bolt into an '07-'11 motor. If you have anymore questions please feel free to PM me or give me a call.


Zach BD


Wish I was closer I am in Vegas and won't be going to SD for a few months otherwise I'd let you borrow mine.

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