Bolt that holds in the Decomp plug thread size?

So I have a 99 WR400 that has a 426 jug on it. It was rebuilt with both intake & exhaust hot cams. The bolt that holds in the decompression plug is completely stripped. The threads in the motor not the bolt itself.

I need to know what size it is so I can rethread it. Please help!!

You can look it up on an on-line microfiche. Just find the bolt that's supposed to hold it in, and read the thread size in the description. Maniac

I can't seem to find it. And I looked at other bolts and did not see sizes...

This is the bolt I am looking for


It's quite an interesting looking special bolt. Here's the one from a 04 WR450 motor, which should be the same setup

Thread pitch;

M6 x 1.0

Thread length;


Unthreaded bolt length


Yamaha P/N 95027-06010-00


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PERFECT!!!! Thanks so much!

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