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90' Dr 350 Knowledge

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I'm looking for knowledge to get my Dr running.

A little info: the bike was taken apart by previous owner to paint and rebuild blah blah..(tear down was as far as he got). Sat for 9ish years until I got ahold of it. I gathered up the pieces and bought what was missing, hoping that it would be "easy" to get going again. It has fired up, but not without some sweat and not for very long.

I want to get an idea of how to tune the carb or some other underlying issues that it could be. I have cleaned the carb, valves are fine, brand new stator. I've searched the forums for info and have learned quite alot but I still cant seem to make it go.

I read on here about switching the petcock to an on/off rather than the prime nonsense, and have ordered another petcock. I am just waiting for it to arrive.

Anything you have is much appreciated, thanks.

edit: forgot to mention it is the dualsport model

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I have the exact same bike and have run into many of the same problems.

The fact that it runs at all is a good sign. It means you have decent spark and compression.

The carb can be an issue, especially when they get old.

If the air fuel mixture is off, it just won't run well at all.

There are lots of things that can cause poor mixture.

Clogged jets, improper float setting, cracked float, leaky float valve, or an air leak at the intake boot are possible candidates.

Is the fuel tank clean? If it's rusty, super fine rust particles can clog what you thought was a clean pilot jet.

Check everything carefully, step by step. I would seriously consider replacing all the non-metallic parts in the carb, maybe even the complete float assembly.

Add a a good inline fuel filter, it's cheap insurance and it never hurts.

Here's info that you might find useful:


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