heading south of the boarder for just a few days. What do we need aside from passports and mexican insurance? anything?

anyone know if there is a motel in ojos negros?

thanks, todd

If you are taking Dirt bikes. Be sure to have the current registration with you for each bike. I have never been turned back but I have had to talk my way into Mexico a few times when guys had expired registration. As for a Motel out by Ojos I have never thought about staying out there maybe some one else knows that answer.

not quite in Ojos but you can try the horsepower ranch

open for public now. But you might as well stay in Ensenada you are so close anyway.

never stayed at HPR, but my kid stayed there with a team during the 2011 1000.

They didn't like it so he said, but it took that to mean it was a little too far from the south of the border debauchery Ensenada has to offer.

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