Thinking of buying a Chinese atv? Read this first

If your thinking of buying a Chinese made atv or motorcycle (pit bike) read this first.

Chinese branded atvs are increasingly becoming a legitimate part of the power sports market now, are they right for you?

I wrote this some time ago. For the now defunct ATV Magazine

My kids have a Kandi 110cc off road go kart. Its been very reliable so far. However, it requires constant nut & bolt checks. The turn signals broke off the first week. The headlights burnout the first DAY and it looks much older than it is even though its garage kept. I think we are setting on 20hrs (installed a WC hr meter the day we bought it). Other than that, its been great. Starts and runs great. Of course I pulled the carb and cleaned it the day we brought it home. Oh yeah, parking brake was useless so I removed it.

I'd buy another one.

Just keep in mind, these are NOT big 4 quality. But good enough for a few years of fun. And I do mean a FEW, :banghead:

Yeah I'll buy a chinese motorized vehicle when they learn how to make rotating bearing assemblys that don't come apart. Oh wait no I won't

they are all over the place, if your kids race atv's they are probably not on one from the big 4

They are good starter bikes. A good thing to "stick your foot in the water" for kids.

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