I will be taking delivery of a WR400 in a couple of weeks. I have had two strokes to date and 4 stroke road bikes. I am meticulaous with the bikes So:

1. Is there a maintainance manual available for the WR.

2. What oil and how often does everyone change it, I do the 2 strokes gear oil once a monthor every 8 hours as a rule.

3. Weak points on these engines, how to prevent them and any cures available.



You are at the right place, The TT forum is the best. You will have all kind of infos, free mods, jetting, everything you need to know and more. Begin by checking Motoman's site below . :)


There is a manual available on his site, you have to get it and unzip the content.

High quality oil and if you race change it after each race. Regular oil and filter change intervals are every 1000 km (600 miles). But I think that most of the TT members change oil much more than what is prescribed in the book. Myself I change oil every 300 KM and filter on second oil change. I use Ipone S4.

Do a search on oil topic and you will get tons of info. :D

The weakest points on my bike are my two hands, :D

Seriously I'd say because of the small quantity of oil in the crankcase and the combination of high power output and high revs, frequent oil changes are a must.

You may have to learn the proper starting drill. But once you have it it won't make much difference.

Good luck and be prepare for a lot of wheeling fun :D

Yup, change the oil often, it takes very little oil, I use Mobil 1 full synth for motorcycles. Its expensive but the 6 qt or whatever big jug last all year and I have noticed alot less metal shavings in the filter since I started using it.

The week point on the 99 400 is the rear tire, for some reason the knobs just get wore down real quick, I cant figure it out. For real though, keep an eye on the rear spokes, they are known to come loose every few rides. The 98 had a week clutch basket. My 99 WR 400 has been an iron horse and been very reliable with very little maintanace, every thing I have done to it has been an upgrade or normal maint like brakes, tires, chain and sprockets, ect. I have beat the snot out of the bike too in the rocks and woods as Im known to do.

I know a few people who drop the oil on Husabergs every time out...I agree that top quality oil is a must...I'll do a search but Mobile 1 sounds good to me.. :D

Funny but my hands are the weakest bit on my GasGas as well. :D..I get 10mins in and have to peel my hands off the bars due to my forarms pumping up...10 minutes rest and I'm away until i can no longer hold onto the thing....but that first 10 minutes hurts...the rest is ACE :):D :D

might want to read the 250F FAQ as well; although directed

towards the 250F's, 99% of the info is applicable to your

400 as well.


i made up a page with links to the '03 manuals. again, while

not specific to your older 400, a lot of the info is exactly

the same.


finally, it's very probable that your linkage and steering stem

need to be regreased. i wrote up procedures for both items,

here are the posts.





jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

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