'92 XR600 what carb is oem?

Hi All

I picked up my 92 XR600 last night. Its sitting at home waiting for me to mess it up..err..sort it out. The carb is dire as I remembered it and as the owner said it was. I've been reading through the archives to see if any cure was ever found for this bad running. Lot of stuff in there for me to work through. Please bear with me if I'm going over the same old questions. If there are any definitive threads on any XR600 subjects you think i should read, be glad to hear about them.

What carb did Honda stick on there from the factory? Is the standard settings written up anywhere? Parts diagram would be great. Is the needle adjustable on the standard carb? If not anyone tried shimming it a bit? It feels like the stumble on mine is when the MJ comes in.

Many thanks


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