What's it worth

Sorry to have to do this post. I am thinking of selling my 2001 426 and was wondering what to ask for it? It has a white bros. pipe,pro taper bars, revalved and sprung suspension, new cyl,piston,and oil pump, (due to pump failure-not miles) and X-ring gold chain. Purchased in march of this year. I was thinking about 4500.00. anyway all input would be appriciated.


DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a nice ride. Keep it. I would sell my car first!

It is but I have a 6wk old baby at home and she is going to need a bedroom of her own and for 5000.00 I can build on to the house. That is the dilema. I also fell last week on a corner and about broke my femur(upper leg)and I'm not sure I can afford 6 months off work.

Thanks for any estimates

I admire your dedication to your family as I am a family man myself.

I am also a general contractor and I can tell you that 5000 bucks will only cover materials if your lucky.

Ide say your looking at 10 to 12 thousand easy. Maby refinance?

Good luck and I hope things work out so you dont sell the one thing I know I cant live without. Even if I couldnt ride it, just having the bike to look at is ok for awile.

Best wishes


Good call on the room. If you're nice to her now then maybe when she's about 4 or so you can get her a bike of her own and a bike for you too and she'll go riding with you. :)

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