2002...gettin it Tues

Paying 6200 otd in Nor Cal. Will be in my dirty hands on Tuesday. Could wait til 03 but I could be dead by then! Just living in the now man. Theres nothing like a brand new bike. I cant wait!

Congrats....nothing like a new Ride!!!I was in the Yamaha Shop today and they were pulling a 125 and 250 outa the crate .Good Luck!!!!!!

What model are you getting?

Got only an hour on a track so far. Bike feels great. Pretty much just like 2000 426.

Havent really pushed it hard yet. I love it.

One thing is it seems like the front end wants to dive alot more than my 00'. I figure its because the engine braking is alot more pronounced with a new motor.

DirtDGR, how is the weight of the 2002? Can you tell any difference?

So, you got a 426? Any word on the 250F?

Cant tell a difference in weight.

No word on the 250.

Would ride it more but am riding my 650 Honda to get ready for Vegas to Reno

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