Parts for '97 300EXC

What are some good online part sources for a '97 300EXC? Everywhere I look, it seems their parts availability stops abrubtly at 1998 and goes back no further. I'm restoring my old '97 that I bought new and has been sitting in the basement for years. Lower rod bearing is toast as are the piston, cylinder, powervalve and head. Piston is easy enough and I know I can get the cylinder sleeved and crank rebuilt but where do I find a rod, crank pin and powervalve parts? Also need some other misc OEM parts as well as new plastic. I'm sure the local dealer could source what I need but I'd prefer an online source with exploded views. Any help would be appreciated.


I have a 1996 250. Just a few months ago most of the websites changed and stopped at 98. KTMworld in georgia stocks a ton of old parts. I broke my bike riding there several times and they had what i need in stock.

Check out the Shop Online button on KTMTALK. They go back past 97. I'd compare part no's from adjacent years. KTM is notorious for using the same parts for long periods of time..

As far as I know the 300 motor didn't change till 2003. I had an 05 cylinder on my 1997 300 exc. Most part suppliers think the entire bike changed in 98. They used the same motor, rear wheel, and radiators from the 97. Evan the hockey stick exhaust off of as new as a 05 will fit on your bike.

The 250 and 300 are the best older ktm's to have.

i broke my shifter off. i looked at the part numbers and 08 shifter fit my 96.

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