2001 yz426f sag

Anyone off hand know the sag of a 01 yz426f sag when sitting? I'm trying to find it in the manual, but it is more confusing then helpful, any help would be appreciated, thanks, :banghead:

Between 97-105, depending on your preference. If your spring rate is correct for your weight, you should have 24-35mm of "free" sag (bike on the ground, no rider) when you're done.

Right now I have 26 mm of free sag, so I guess I'm good.

Not necessarily. You're good only if the "rider sag" (with you standing on the pegs, neither leaning nor pulling back on the bars) is in the 97-105 range.

Just to confirm, are we talking mm? 97-105.


ok ill get back to ya

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