Soft Suspension

Well I bought my 2011 yz450 new a couple mnths ago and from the get go I found the suspension very soft but figured it was just normal. Well I tried my buddys stock kxf450 and it was so much firmer and more comfortable to ride on. Even when he tried my bike the first thing he mentioned was that the suspension was really soft.

I want to know if I can adjust it on my own to make it firmer or if I should just suck it up and get my suspension done at a suspension shop. Im not racing or riding competitively, I just want a more comfortable ride so it doesnt have to be perfect.

Im 6' and 220lbs btw

OK, well, to start, you're 30-40 pounds heavier than the people the bike was built for, so to get things truly corrected, you'll need springs.

Meanwhile, you can crank down on the compression damping at both ends a little.

What's interesting about this is that you just can't please everyone. I'd say the opposite complaint is made at least as often, to wit; the YZF feels plush and comfortable, while the KXF feels harsh and rigid.

What's really odd is that you think it's too soft, while no doubt your bike has too much sag causing it to ride lower in the stroke than it should which should give a harsh feeling.

Well I just find that my bike seems to be a little unpredictable and "bouncy" in the whoops and uneven terrain. Also when I have a hard landing it feels like the suspension is too soft and is almost bottoming out. I took a couple nasty spills this last week and it feels like my suspension may have had something to do with it.

I looked online about adjusting the rebound and dampening, so essentially I just have to turn the "clickers" a couple clicks clockwise and it should stiffen up the suspension?

And to adjust the sag, I would have to compress the rear spring? Which will then increase the stroke length making it less harsh feeling?

Im new to motocross bikes and dont really have any other sources for info other than the internet and my owners manual. I think Ill try adjusting the suspension on my own and see what happens. Im not suspension expert by any means so I'll probably end up going to a suspension shop to see what they have to say.

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