Baja Designs kit Availability?

I've had a couple of people (including my local dealer in Calgary, Canada) tell me that the waiting period to get a Baja Designs kit could be 6 months or more! Is there any truth to this? What have other peoples experiences been with delivery times?

I can't wait that long!

Thanks for the info


That is the waiting period if your dealer buys it through White Bothers. I got mine directly from Baja Designs in about 4 weeks. This was a month ago.

check out CRE imports fual sport conversion kit, It is a little more expensive, but I think it will be worth it, Baja designs has a chip on their shoulder and dealing with them can be tough...


'95 DR350, '95 YZ80 (wifes) 2000 DRZ E

IMS 4.2gal tank, DSP frame protectors, DSP fork guards, Acerbis DHH Light, Renthal Bars, Yosh slip-on, Topeak computer setup, 13 front sprocket, WER Skidplate, Thumper Racing Radiator braces/guards, Moose Handguards with Deflectors, and many more to come.... Where is the kickstart on this thing....

I have installed a DSC kit and a Baja Designs kit. The DSC kit was about a two week delivery but came without instructions and was much harder to install. The Baja Designs kit was Quoted a five week delivery(actually came in four)and clearly a higher quality kit, better instructions,easy to install, and looks better. I can't speak for SchlepRock, but every time I've dealt with Baja Designs they have allways been very helpfull. IMO, go with Baja Designs.

I ordered a BD kit last December and got it about 4 weeks. You may have a problem being in Canada, Oui! I am in Michigan. I like the kit. Any questions I have had they were able to answer over the phone except one. See Headlight on the Thumper Talk. Good luck to ya.


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