WR/YZ conversion

Hate to bother you guys again 'cause I'm sure it's been posted here before...I just can't find it. Any way, I live in Florida, have a 2001 WR426 that's been converted to YZ specs (exaust cam advanced one tooth) and now need to jet it. If someone could please give me the the complete jetting specs it would be greatly appreciated. I need to know the pilot size, jet needle number and clip position, (is the needle jet the same?),main jet size, and fuel mixture screw (turns out). Thanks in advance, Scott

Here are the specs from my 01' manual. I'm sure that this is more than what you need but I put it all there just in case:

Main - #162

Air jet - #200

Needle - OBEJP

clip pos - 4

cutaway (slide) - 1.5

Pilot jet - #42

Pilot air jet - #100

pilot outlet - 0.9

pilot screw - About 1.25 turns (different for every bike)

bypass - 1.0

valve seat size - 3.8

starter jet - #72

float height - 8mm

idle speed - 1700-1900rpm

intake vacuum - 220-260mmHg

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You are in the wrong forum, Goto the WR forum and you will find the data you need, great people there. I plan on doing the YZ timing mod when I get my jetting parts. Good luck.


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