2000 426 with 2001 clutch upgrade.....

This question is for the guys who have done this upgrade, does your clutch creep after you installed the newer parts?

When I put it in gear the bike will slightly creep forward if I hold the clutch in and gas it. Since the clutch seems to be dragging it's almost impossible to find neutral while the motor is running.

I used new OEM steels and fibers plus the new 2001 parts, I also installed Barnett HD springs.

The clutch also engages near max pull with 1/8'' of free play. I don't like having to pull the lever to the grip to shift.

Any help would be great as I have a riding trip planed in one week and would like to get this straightened out.


Go get some miles on it, new plates can be very sticky..

The "HD Springs" are completely unnecessary, and may be contributing to the poor release, but try Rasmus' advice first. It's not unusual for a new, zero hour clutch to do that.

When you stacked the clutch up, you started with the flat steel ring, then the dished spring ring, then the one special friction plate, correct?

Yes, flat ring, spring ring then thin friction then the rest of the normal disks minus one normal fiber of course.

I will give it some time and try to ride it as much as I can till the trip to see of the clutch just needs to bed in.


Go get some miles on it, new plates can be very sticky..

I got my carb jetted today and got to ride it a good bit today, just like you said it started to slowly act normal. The 426 big bore (444) with both hot cams and head work runs like a stabbed rabbit.

This is my first YZ4xx motor and I quickly found out that I need to ride it every day till we leave for our trip so I can get use to pulling out and coming out of corners. I stalled it at least 10 times today but I am getting better.

As an old quad MX racer who is used to 4 strokes with huge torque these YZ engines are very different but MUCH more fun!

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Good it worked out. Now the stalling you can eliminate with an autoclutch. Else you can try and add some flywheel weight..

After riding at my track today I'm getting my clutch work down pat. I didn't stall at all today!

My track is at my parents house and I left my machine and gear there so that I can stop in after work every day and get more seat time.

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