Lighting! Ricky Stator

Hi all,

I just installed a ricky stator in the 650R! Came in less than a week and installed easily. I have some concerns is a single circut...should I upgrade the regulator? I will be using most of the wattage, 1 35watt bulb, 2 75 watt bulbs and then whatever the tail-light sucks up. Any recomendations on the regulator or is stock okay?

Also, I don't want to say who...but a competitor of Ricky's said to be careful running his coils because the ignition circuts fail! Any feedback from those of you using this?

Now I am considering re-wiring the stock one for fear of breaking down? I just don't want to get stuck in the middle of the desert!

Lastly...(I promise) anyone set up a lightforce light on a bike? They look really cool/lightweight.

Thanks everyone...happy trails! :)

Did you install the RS Stator or Lights? If you installed a 200 watt stator you need the high out put regulator. If not you'll blow the thing up with no load. If you do one thing you must change both. The stock stator as you know sucks and the regulator is rated for that stator.

I rewound my stator and installed a BD regulater to run my Ricky Stator lights. I don't have max out put but it works great with 2@55watts. With the dual sport kit it pulls down the battery a little at idle.

Since I am part of Team Lightforce here is a shameless plug...BUY THEM. Lightest lights and they have a warranty! If you run the HIDs they have an internal ballast and are a few pounds lighter then all other competitors, not to mention you can kick, throw, huck rocks at them and they will not break!


SWEET!!!!!!! :)

That is sweet! :) I will get a HD regulator this week. I have been using the stock one without any problems for about a week. That was just with a 55 watt HALO.

No one has had any problems with the Rick stator?

Kritter, How is the light output on that system compare to a dual 8" HALO setup?

is that the HID in the center?

I am going to try to setup something similar to that.

9.5 HID in the center with the 5.6" 75watt halo's on both sides.

So...big question now is the wiring. Can I wire it right from the regulator? Or do I need to convert to DC power first? I was told by someone that the XR puts out AC current? That is a nice setup...before I spend the money I'd like to here you feedback on the setup/output.


I have never compared the two different set ups to be honest. I do believe that the one HID will be brighter then 2 8" halogen lights. Another bad ass thing about the Lighforce lights is they go from pencil to wide in the spin of the housing and they make several different color lenses and light pattern lenses for different conditions.

I just ordered the 9.5 HID and 2 5.6 Halos to mimic your setup. Hopefully it will work as well as I am hoping!

So does anyone happen to know about the whole AC DC thing? :)

So does anyone happen to know about the whole AC DC thing? :)

Well the XR stator puts out AC and you need a voltage regulator to make 12vdc to run things like lights. Now some light set ups are AC so you would just need an AC regulator. For something like a HID set up you would need AC only because the lighting system has it's own control circuit. For extra lights you would need AC light bulbs too or go with a twin out put stator like BD. This way you can run Ac to the HID and a 12v regulator for the rest of the lights. The lighting system I have (Ricky Stator Twin PIAA) is a 12v DC set up. It comes with a DC rectifier but in my case because the DRZ has a 200 watt stator and a battery I didn't get the rectifier so I saved $35.

In any case you need a voltage regulator to handle the extra power your stator is putting out. Now depending on the lighting requirements will determine what kind you need. I would talk to the dealer of the lights your going to buy and see what your opptions are.

Incandesent and halogen bulbs do not care whether its AC or DC. HID would probably depend on the controller. A battery must have DC to work though.

Cool, thanks for clearing that up. I will call Lightforce tomorrow and get the specifics of what the HID needs. I'll get a tympanium HD regulator as well. BTW, they seem like an excellent company so far. The guy I spoke to, Brian, was pretty helpful and seemed like a really nice guy. Thanks guys!

12V DC is what the Hid as well as the halogen lights need. The HID has an internal Ballast.

Cool, Thanks Kritter

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