Need more power for my XR650R.. comments welcomed

I've searched the archives for info on cams and piston changes for increased power. Basically, the cam change seems a no-brainer for increased mid-top power. I would welcome comments from riders who have done piston and/or CDI rev box mods as to the improvements.

My bike is essentially a stock uncorked 650R, and I'm looking for a 10-15 HP increase.

I'm 6'5" and 295#, so most bikes feel a bit slow to me...



'01 KTM 520 SX Precision Concepts suspension mods.

'03 XR650R, uncorked, Eibach rear spring, 4.5 gal tank

Buy a crf or yz450 or wr450. I wasnt that happy with the xr power and went with the wr. Now it is a little too much but I am quite happy. By the way my BRP had all the uncorcking mods and an edelbrock carb. It just didnt rip like the W or the ultra high performance 4's. Plus as you start modifying the engine I would start to be concerned about reliability. YOur better off starting with a bike that rips like you want it instead of modifying. MY $.02 :)

Im not saying that the xr didnt have enough power because it did. I just didnt like the power curve. It had tons of torque but not all that much mid->top end. I wouldnt have even gotten rid of it except that I am 6'5" and wanted a bike with a taller seat height. I guess Im rambling and not answering your question but I am bored at work :D. Oh well good luck. -D :):D

i run the cam from ims. otherwise i leave the engine alone. mess around with dropping/adding teeth in the rear sprocket until you find the right power delivery. the power is there, you just want to tweak with when/where it comes on.

keep the stock header for low end delivery. look into aftermarket pipes to up the high end, but again keep the stock header.

remember, the power is there, a lot of it comes down to the way it is managed. if your suspension is stock have it worked on before you get into the engine. if the bike is quiet on its suspenders then you will be able to find and manage more power.

Get the Honda HRC power-up kit for your XR650R. The bike will be a beast afterwards!! Almost nothing will touch it - in a straight line.

Go to and email them for a proce. Guaranteed they've got the best prices on all OEM honda parts.

i assumed you had the power up kit.

yeah get that if you don't have it.

Could be bikes and riders but me 175lbs on my xr650r wallops wrs all day long, yes im lighter than the guy looking for info but a 295 lb guy on a wr or crf would be the same. Plus go look at the blue forums and they have tons of problems I personally have sent two blues in the last two years to their graves, now used for holding my perfect reliable XR runs every time finishes ever race 650 up. Stay honda nothing like em!!! My bike is un quarked and that seems to be plenty for me, smaller countershaft gave me more abrubt power down low small sacrafice up top.

The best mod I would recommend for the BRP is the edelbrock carb. That made it run so much more smooth than the crappy stock carb. Hopefully soon they will be putting a pumper carb stock on the BRP. However, from what the Honda dealer told me(which esentially is about as reliable as the Star magazine) the BRP will be discontinued and replaced by the CRF(I told him that I didnt buy it, he also had never heard of the CRF250X). Anyway definitely go with the Edelbrock or Mikuni pumper carb. It was by far the best mod that i put on my BRP.

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